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                                 Call for papers:
                         13th IFIP International Conference on
                         Network and Parallel Computing 2016
                                    (NPC 2016)
                         October 28-29,Xi'an, China

High performance computing and Big Data are two main areas where 
NPC-2016 will provide a dynamic forum to explore, discuss and debate 
state-of-the-art technology issues and challenges. High-performance 
computers and big-data systems are tied inextricably to the broader 
computing ecosystem and its designs and market adoption. They also 
highlight information security needs and economic competitiveness in 
ways that distinguish them from most other scientific instruments. We 
strongly believe that the stake is high, and it is far beyond the 
boundries of nations and continents, and should strongly encourage a 
broad international participation.

We share the view that during the past decade the tools and cultures of 
high-performance computing and big data analytics are diverging to the 
detriment of both, and the international community should find a unified 
path which can best serve the need of a broad spectrum of major 
application areas. Unlike other tools, which are limited to particular 
scientific domains, computational modeling and data analytics are 
applicable to all areas of science and engineering, as they breathe life 
into the underlying mathematics of scientific models.

NPC 2016 welcomes original submissions in a range of areas, including 
but not limited to:

- In-Memory computing
- Applications of parallel and distributed computing.
- Systems, networks, and architectures for high end computing.
- Parallel and multi-core issues and opportunities.
- Big data intelligence.
- Virtualization of machines, networks, and storage.
- Programming languages and environments.
- I/O, file systems, and data management.
- Resource management, scheduling, and load-balancing.
- Performance modeling, simulation, and prediction.
- Fault tolerance, reliability and availability.
- NPC is in its 13th year and previous conferences have attracted high 
quality papers and wide international participation.

As in previous years, we will publish top papers from NPC 2016 in a 
special issue of the International Journal of Parallel Programming, and 
proceedings will be published as part of Springer LNCS. Additional 
details are on the NPC'2016 website above.

Important dates:

Paper Submissions Due:    June 5th, 2016
Results notification:     July 17, 2016
Camera-ready version due: August 7th, 2016
Poster submissions due:   July 31st, 2016
Poster Notification:      August 21th, 2016


         Guang Rong Gao  University of Delaware
         Depei Qian      Beihang University
         Xinbo Gao       Xidian University

         Quan Wang    Xidian University

         Barbara Chapman  Stony Brook University
         Wenguang Chen    Tsinghua University

         Stephane Zuckerman    University of Delaware

         Qiguang Miao    Xidian University

         Xiaofei Liao  HUST
         Choli Wang    HKU
         Koji Inoue    Kyushu University

         Jianfeng Song  Xidian University

         Yining Quan    Xidian University

         Kemal Ebcioglu    Global Supercomputing USA (Chair)
         Hai Jin           Huazhong Univ. of Science & Technology, China
         Chen Ding         University of Rochester, USA
         Jack Dongarra     Univ of Tennessee, USA
         Guang Rong Gao    Univ of Delaware, USA
         Daniel Reed       University of Iowa, USA
         Zhiwei Xu         Institute of Computing Technology, China
         Yoichi Muraoka    Waseda University, Japan
         Jean-Luc Gaudiot  University of California Irvine, USA
         Guojie Li         Institute of Computing Technology, China
         Viktor Prasanna   University of Southern California, USA
         Weisong Shi       Wayne State University, USA
         Tony Hey          Microsoft, USA

         David Abramson        University of Queensland
         Hong AN               USTC
         Pavan Balaji          Argonne National Lab
         Taisuke BOKU          University of Tsukuba
         Sunita Chandrasekaran University of Delaware
         Barbara Chapman       Stony Brook University
         Wenguang CHEN         Tsinghua University
         Yurong CHEN           Intel
         Yeching Chung         National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
         Zhihui DU             Tsinghua University
         Robert Harrison       Stony Brook University
         Torsten Hoefler       ETH
         Chao LI               SJTU
         Miron Livny           University of Wisconsin at Madison
         Yi LIU                Beihang University
         Kai LU                NUDT
         Yutong LU             NUDT
         Yingwei LUO           PKU
         Keiji Kimura          Waseda University
         Kise Kenji            Tokyo Institute of Technology
         Xiaosong Ma           Qatar Computing Research Institute
         Philip Papadopoulos   UCSD
         Xuanhua SHI           HUST
         Weiguo WU             XJTU
         Jingling Xue          UNSW
         Chao YANG             Institute of Software, CAS
         Jun YAO               Huawei
         Li Zha                ICT, CAS
         Weihua ZHANG          Fudan University
         Yunquan ZHANG         ICT, CAS
         Yuefan DENG           Stony Brook University

Stéphane Zuckerman
Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems Laboratory
University of Delaware ­— 201G Evans Hall, Newark, DE
Work #: +1 302 831-6534  Cell #: +1 302 883-9979

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