[hpc-announce] ADAPT 2016 paper submission deadline soon (1 Nov)

Grigori Fursin grigori.fursin at ctuning.org
Fri Oct 23 05:33:23 CDT 2015

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this call!

The paper submission deadline for the 6th Workshop
on Adaptive and Self-tuning Computing Systems 
is approaching (1st of November)! 

We are interested in lively workshop discussions 
and accept short position and tool papers, 
demos with reproducible experiments, 
wild and crazy ideas, and early stage work!

Also, do not miss a chance to advertise your work 
via our public Reddit-based discussions!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


                       CALL FOR PAPERS

             ADAPT: 6th International Workshop on
            Adaptive Self-tuning Computing Systems                            

           18 January 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
               (co-located with HiPEAC 2016)



ADAPT is an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss and demonstrate
practical and reproducible techniques, methodology and tools that
can help convert existing or future software and hardware into
adaptive, scalable and self-tuning systems. Such systems should
be able to automatically improve their characteristics (execution
time, energy usage, size, accuracy, reliability, bandwidth,
adaptation time and memory usage) depending on an application and
its input, available resources, run-time state of the system, and
user requirements.

ADAPT topics include but are not limited to machine learning
based autotuning, representative benchmarking, real application
self-tuning, automatic performance modeling, self-tuning
compilers, automatic bug detection, run-time adaptation,
automatic fault tolerance, dynamic hardware reconfiguration,
predictive scheduling, new programming models, green data
centres, adaptive embedded devices, reproducible experimentation,
and optimization knowledge sharing. You can check out accepted
papers from the past ADAPT workshops at:

* http://adapt-workshop.org/prior_workshops.html

All further details about new submission and reviewing process
is available at ADAPT website:

* http://adapt-workshop.org

==== Workshop organizers ====

* Christophe Dubach, University of Edinburgh (UK)
* Grigori Fursin, dividti (UK) / cTuning Foundation (France)

==== Program Committee ====

* Tarek Abdelrahman, University of Toronto, Canada
* Jason Ansel, GoDaddy, USA
* Milind Chabbi, HP Labs, Palo Alto, USA
* Tianshi Chen, ICT, China
* Koen De Bosschere, Ghent University, Belgium
* Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM TJ Watson, USA
* Thomas Fahringer, University of Innsbruck, Austria
* Michael Gerndt, TU Munich, Germany
* Timothy Jones, University of Cambridge, UK
* Anton Lokmotov, dividiti, UK
* Chi-Keung Luk, Intel, USA
* Toshio Nakatani, IBM, Japan
* Lasse Natvig, NTNU, Norway
* Raphael Poss, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Christian Plessl, Universität Paderborn, Germany
* Aaron Smith, Microsoft Research, USA
* Michela Taufer, University of Delaware, USA
* Petr Tuma, Charles University, Czech Republic
* Ana Lucia Varbanescu, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Vittorio Zaccaria, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
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