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================ Call for Papers =============================
Special issue: "Big Data in Internet of Things (BDinIoT-2015)"

BDinIOT-2015 is a joint special issue of
Open Journal of Internet Of Things (OJIOT) 

and Open Journal of Big Data (OJBD)

With the unprecedented maturity and stability of edge technologies, 
every commonly found, cheap and casual thing is becoming smart faster in 
order to join in the mainstream computing. Every device is intelligently 
instrumented to find, bind and collaborate with other devices in the 
vicinity as well as with the cloud-hosted applications and data. The 
Internet landscape is therefore poised to be stuffed and saturated with 
not only the millions of compute machines, personal and professional 
electronic devices and software services but also the billions of 
diminutive sensors, actuators, robots, etc. and the trillions of 
sentient or smart objects. It is an overwhelmingly accepted statement 
that the fast-emerging and evolving IoT idea is definitely a 
strategically game-changing one to be decisively realized and 
passionately sustained with the smart adaption and adoption of 
state-of-the-art technologies, composite and cognitive processes, 
optimized and organized infrastructures, integrated and versatile 
platforms, robust and resilient tools, enabling patterns, and futuristic 

The brewing trends include the accumulation of disposable and 
disappearing digitized elements, the inherent capability of devices to 
interconnect with one another, the service-enablement of any hardware 
and networking solutions, the integration with cloud-based software 
applications and data, etc. All these lead to the field of big data 
(data volumes are getting bigger, data variety is growing with the 
emergence of multi-structured data, data generation, capture, processing 
and analytics velocity are transitioning from batch to real-time, the 
importance of data veracity is equally critical, etc.). Having 
understood the challenges ahead, researchers are working in unearthing 
viable mechanisms towards the simplification and streamlining of tasks 
such as capturing, ingesting and processing of big data to extract 
actionable insights in time. It is being visualized that the seamless 
convergence of IoT and big data computing are to result in multifaceted 
context-aware and intelligent applications that are more tuned to 

The special issue expects original, high-quality papers, including but 
NOT limited to the following topics:
- The Use, Business and Technical Cases at the intersection of IoT and 
Big Data
- The Connectors and Adaptors for enabling the Synchronization between 
IoT and Big Data Platforms
- Sensing as a Service
- Deeper and Extreme Connectivity Solutions
- Service-enablement towards Sentient and Digitized Objects
- Ad hoc Networking of Empowered Objects
- Newer Edge Technologies
- Big Data Machine and Sensor Analytics
- Sensor, Device and Mobile Clouds
- Big Data & IoT Middleware Solutions & Communication Protocols
- Big Data & IoT Security and Privacy Challenges and Solution Approaches
- Newer Big Data Applications across Industry Verticals (energy, retail, 
utility, oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, etc.)
- Smarter Environments (smarter homes, hospitals, hotels, offices, 
railway stations, cars, cities, airports, manufacturing, agriculture, 
governments, etc.)
- IoT & Big Data Analytics Development, Deployment, Orchestration, 
Delivery, and Management Platforms

- Prof. Young-Sik Jeong, Dongguk University, Korea
- Dr. Pethuru Raj, IBM Global Cloud Center of Excellence, India</p>

- Submission Deadline: December 31, 2014
- Author Notification: March 01, 2015

For detailed information on the preparation and submission of 
manuscripts, please visit Author Guidelines 

This special issue will be published in the Open Journal of Databases 
(OJDB) (http://www.ronpub.com/journal/ojdb). All articles of OJDB are 
fully open access and online available to readers free of charge. In 
order to support open access, OJDB has to charge an one-time publication 
fee for each accepted article. Please visit the journal webpage 
(http://www.ronpub.com/index.php/journals/ojdb/publication-fees) for 
more information.

NOTE: The publication fee will be completely waived for accepted papers 
submitted by 31.12.2014.

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