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2014 International Workshop on Process Aware Systems (PAS2014)

October 18-19, 2014, Shanghai, China

“Process” is a pervasive concept existing in almost every research and application field such as business, computing and information theory, engineering, Industrial and manufacturing, science and statistics, biology and psychology, Philosophy, and many others. Despite its various specific definitions for each field, a process can be interpreted as “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end” according to the Oxford Dictionary. In the recent decade, process related technologies have been extensively investigated and promoted in the area of business process management (BPM) and workflow management systems (WfMS) with topics covering the whole process lifecycle such as process modelling, process verification, process execution, workflow scheduling, process monitoring, process exception handling, and the analysis of historical data in BPM system and WfMS such as the statistical analysis for performance metrics and process mining. However, above topics have also been investigated (maybe with different terms) in many other production, management and IT service domains such as product line management, software process, Web services, and cyber-physical systems. 
The International Workshop on Process Aware Systems (PAS2014) is a cross-area international forum on process aware systems. PAS2014 aims at bringing together researchers, developers, users, and practitioners interested in process management, and formally exploring various potentials about process management in the era of cloud computing and big data from the perspective of both academic and industry. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

---- Foundations and Architecture for Process Aware Systems ---
*    Process modeling languages, notations and methods
*    Artifact-centric business processes
*    Automated process composition & synthesis
*    Resource management and workflow scheduling in process aware systems
*    Software Techniques and Architectures for process aware systems
*    Process-oriented software architectures
*    Service-oriented architectures for Process Aware Systems
*    Infrastructure as a service for process aware systems
*    Platform as a service for Process aware systems
*    Software as a service for Process aware systems

---- Big Data and Cloud Computing for Process Aware Systems ---
*    Big data and big process management
*    Big data processing and big process mining  
*    Cloud-based BPM and Workflow as a Service
*    Security, privacy and trust in Big data/Cloud-based BPM
*    Business process crowdsourcing based on social networks
*    Business process in hybrid cloud environments
*    Scientific workflows in the cloud

---- Monitoring, Adaptation and Improvement of Process Aware Systems ---
*    Process tracing and monitoring
*    Process performance measurement
*    Process data analytics and visualization
*    Adaptive and context-aware processes
*    Business process lifecycle management
*    Business process improvement

---- Applications and Empirical Studies of Process Aware Systems ---
*    Knowledge-intensive processes
*    Data-driven processes
*    Distributed and mobile processes
*    Inter-process planning and coordination
*    Adoption and Practice of process aware systems
*    Case studies and experience reports
*    Process aware system education and training

---- Software Development Process for Process Aware Systems ---
*    Development processes for emerging and evolving process aware systems 
*    Agile/Lean processes in (software) systems development 
*    Process issues in developing adaptive and evolving software systems
*    Continuous process improvement in diverse areas and context
*    Distributed/Global development and large-scale processes 
*    Process modeling, simulation and analysis
*    Process/Project management and assessment
*    Process metrics and tools 
*    Cost estimation and project planning 
*    Processes for cutting-edge software technologies, including (but not limited to) ubiquitous computing, cloud computing, multi-core technologies, and cellular technologies

---- Non-software Aspects of Process Aware Systems ---
*    Processes in non-software domains (e.g., business, health care, manufacturing, transportation, etc.) with a demonstrated relationship to process aware systems 
*    Modeling of physical and computation processes
*    Integrations of computation, communication, and control processes 
*    process -oriented control systems 
*    Process technology characterization, extraction, and modeling of design for manufacturability
*    Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems
*    Process-variation aware embedded system design

Submission & Publication 
Papers should be formatted according to Springer’s Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS, http://www.springer.com/series/7899) formatting guidelines (for instructions please visit http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-6-793341-0). Submissions must be in English and not exceed 15 pages of length. The title page must contain a short abstract clarifying the relation of the paper with the topics above. The paper must clearly state the problem being addressed, the goal of the work, the results achieved, and the relation to other work.
Industry papers must be clearly marked as such, so that they can be appropriately reviewed by the program committee. Concerning length and formatting, industry papers must follow the same rules and guidelines as research papers.
Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format via the PAS2014 EasyChair submission site: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=pas20140 
Submissions must be original contributions that have not been published previously, nor already submitted to other conferences or journals in parallel with this conference. Each submission will be peer reviewed by at least three program committee members.

All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer in the CCIS series (EI Index). For each accepted paper, at least one author must register for the conference and present the paper.

Key Dates
Full papers due: August 10, 2014
Notification of acceptance: September 10, 2014
Camera-ready papers deadline: October 10, 2014
Conference: October 18-19, 2014



Jianmin Wang, Tsinghua University, China
Yun Yang, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Jian Cao, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Lijie Wen, Tsing Hua University, China

Hongyan Zhang, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Jihong Liu, Beijing University of Aeronautics And Astronautics, China

Xiao Liu, East China Normal University, China

Feng Li, Donghua University, China

Jianming Wang, Tsinghua University, China 
Chongyi Yuan, Peking University, China 
Liang Zhang, Fudan University, China 
Jianwen Su, The University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S. 
Arthurter Hofstede, Queensland Univesity Of Technology, Australia

Akhil Kumar, Penn State University, USA, akhilkumar at psu.edu
Barbara Weber, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Barbara.Weber at uibk.ac.at
Marco Aiello, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, M.Aiello at rug.nl
Massimo Mecella, Universita' di Roma, Italy, mecella at dis.uniroma1.it
Rik Eshuis, Eindhoven University, The Netherlands, h.eshuis at tue.nl
Rong Liu, IBM Research, USA, rliu at us.ibm.com
Florian Daniel, University of Trento, florianxxl at gmail.com
Minseok Song, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, msong at unist.ac.kr
Matthias Weidlich, Imperial College London, m.weidlich at imperial.ac.uk
Josep Carmona Vargas, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), jcarmona at lsi.upc.edu
Fabrizio Maria Maggi, University of Tartu, f.m.maggi at ut.ee
Luciano Garcia Banuelos, University of Tartu, luciano.garcia at ut.ee
Jiacun Wang, Monmouse University, U.S.
Jian Cao, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Zaiwen Feng, Wuhan University, China
Tao Hu, Hannan University, Japan
Jianxun Liu, Hunan University of Science And Technology
Zongwei Luo, Hongkong University
Shiyong Lv, Wayne State University, U.K.
Kaijun Ren, National University of Defence Technology, China
Li Wan, Huazhong University of Science And Technology, China
Jianming Wang, Tsinghua University, China
Zhongjie Wang, Harbin Institute Of Technology, China
Jinghua Xiong, Institute Of Computing Technology, Chiese Academy Of Science, China
Dong Yang, Donghua University, China
Jianwei Yin, Zhejiang University, China
Yu Yang, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Liang Zhang, Fudan University, China
Yang Zhang, Beijing University Of Posts And Telecommunications, China
Xiao Liu, East China Normal University, China
Lizhen Cui, Shangdong University, China
Wanchun Dou, Nanjing University, China
Min Liu, Tongji University, China
Chun Ouyang, Queensland University Of Technology, Australia
Raymond Wong, University Of New South Wales, Australia
Zhe Shan, University Of Cincinnati, U.S.
Jianwen Su, The University Of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.
Mingzhong Wang, Beijing Institute Of Technology, China
Lijie Wen, Tsinghua University, China
Jun Wei, Institute Of Software, Chinese Academy Of Science, China
Jian Yang, Macquarie University, Australia
Yuan Chongyi, Peking University, China
Mingsong Chen, East China Normal University

Technical Sponsor: Springer

Shanghai Jiaotong University
East China Normal University
Tsinghua University
Donghua University

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