[hpc-announce] A dive into languages for high performance computing

Alain Darte alain.darte at ens-lyon.fr
Mon May 27 15:33:27 CDT 2013


June 29-July 2, 2013, Lyon, France

Web page: http://labexcompilation.ens-lyon.fr/hpc-languages

Registration form:

Registration fee: 100 euros.

The third scientific event of the thematic quarter on compilation
organized in Lyon in Spring 2013 (http://labexcompilation.ens-lyon.fr)
will be a dive into languages and approaches for high-performance
computing. This event is organized as a set of keynotes by the best
experts of the field, including in particular talks on CAF (Coarray
Fortran), UPC (Unified Parallel C), X10, Chapel, OpenACC & OpenHMPP,
Lime, OmpSs, OpenStream, and some DSL approaches. It will be a unique
opportunity for students, researchers, and engineers, to better
understand the design of parallel languages, the challenges of their
compilation, and the interactions with runtime systems, memory
consistency models, and architectures. It should be of great interest
of course for computer scientists but also for users of parallel
programming from other disciplines such as physics and mathematics.

All details concerning this event are given on
http://labexcompilation.ens-lyon.fr/hpc-languages. For more
information, please contact Alain Darte at hpc-languages at ens-lyon.fr.
Registration fees are quite low (100 euros) to make this exceptional  
event as accessible as possible. Accomodation is not included in the
registration fees, but reduced prices should be available, especially
for students, depending on the number of requests and on a first-in
first-served basis. If you want to attend this event, please register
at the following link:

Please note that this event will be immediately followed by CPC'13,
the 17th international workshop on compilers for parallel computing

Best regards,

Alain Darte.

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