[hpc-announce] CFP for MICAS 2012

Frincu G. Marc - Eduard mfrincu at info.uvt.ro
Thu May 31 07:32:45 CDT 2012


                       CALL FOR PAPERS

  Management of resources and services in Cloud and Sky computing


               September 26, 2012, Timisoara, Romania
                  in conjunction with SYNASC 2012


 * Full paper submissions:              22 Jun 2012
 * Notifications:                       22 Jul 2012
 * Revised papers and registrations:     1 Sep 2012
 * Event:                               26 Sep 2012
 * Publication of selected papers 
   in IEEE proceedings of SYNASC 2012      Jan 2013
 * Extensions of selected papers for SCPE: Feb 2013
 * Notifications:                          Mar 2013
 * Publication of selected papers in SCPE: Apr 2013

The event intends to be an open forum for discussions about the state-of-the-art, 
the recent achievements and the future in breaking 
the barriers of Cloud adoption on large scale, 
barriers that are related to vendor lock-in, 
lack of common interfaces and standards and so on, 
shortly the ones hindering the vision of InterCloud or Sky computing.

Original contributions are invited to be reported to the event.

The suggested topics are the followings (but not restricted to):

   * self-management in Clouds and federation of Clouds
   * applications using multiple Clouds
   * interoperability between Clouds
   * portability of Cloud based applications
   * run-time selection of Cloud services
   * reliability of Cloud services
   * auto-scaling techniques
   * scheduling over heterogeneous Clouds
   * dynamic load balancing between multiple Clouds
   * architectures for automatic management of  applications based on multiple Clouds
   * model-driven architectures for multiple Cloud usage scenarios
   * open-source support for Cloud computing

Programme Chairs:

    Elisabetta Di Nito, Politehnico Di Milano, Italy
    Dana Petcu, West University and Institute e-Austria Timisoara, Romania

Programme Committee:

    Giuliano Cassale, Imperial College London, UK
    Francesco D’Andria, ATOS, Spain
    Danilo Ardagna, Politehnico Di Milano, Italy
    Sébastian Mosser, SINTEF, Norway
    Andrey Sadovykh, Softteam, France
    Harald Kühn, BOC, Austria
    Anke Gericke, BOC, Germany
    Peter Matthews, CA Technologies, Spain
    Marc Frîncu, West University and Institute e-Austria Timisoara, Romania

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