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Gregory Diamos gregory.diamos at gatech.edu
Thu Feb 10 17:38:27 CST 2011

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                  The First International Workshop on
     Characterizing Applications for Heterogeneous Exascale Systems
                            (CACHES 2011)

                   held in conjunction with the
      25th International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS 2011)
                   Tucson, Arizona, June 4, 2011


As we look forward to the exascale era, heterogeneous parallel machines
with accelerators, such as GPUs, FPGAs, and upcoming on-chip accelerator
cores, are expected to play a massive role in architecting the largest
systems in the world. While there is significant interest in accelerator-
based architectures, much of this interest is an artifact of the hype
associated with them. However, without understanding the behavior of
detailed kernels or even entire applications on these architectures,
it is unclear how future systems would be designed based on these

For accelerator-based heterogeneous systems to truly be a successful High
Performance Computing platform, it is important that we obtain a
complete picture of HPC applications and learn the opportunities and
challenges these architectures raise. This workshop aims at providing
a platform where the characteristics of computational kernels and
applications, and how different software stacks impact them, are
presented to the research community to guide future accelerator-based HPC
system designs.

We solicit papers on all aspects of HPC application studies, especially
those that involve accelerators such as GPUs, FPGAs, etc. The topics
include (but are not limited to):

  * Categorizing/characterizing of HPC applications and kernels with
    respect to patterns in computation structure, communication, cache
    accesses, memory, I/O, and file accesses.

  * Evaluating the importance of individual kernels within an entire

  * Modeling for applications running on accelerator-based heterogeneous
    HPC systems.

  * Implication of workload characterization in heterogeneous design issues.

  * Benchmarking of applications, kernels or software stacks and tools
    supporting applications.

Submitted manuscripts are expected to be within 8 pages and should
be formatted using the ACM SIG Proceedings alternate style
(single-spaced, double-column format). All papers will be subjected
to blind reviews. The submission site is

The workshop proceedings will be published electronically with the ICS
proceedings via the ACM Digital Library. Selected papers will be
published in the Journal of High Performance Computing Applications
(JHPCA) with a special issue titled "Applications for the
Heterogeneous Computing Era".

  * Submission deadline:      Mar. 3rd,    2011, 11:59 PDT
  * Author Notification:      Mar. 31st,   2011
  * Camera-ready deadline:    April 14th,  2011

Jiayuan Meng, Argonne National Laboratory
Pavan Balaji, Argonne National Laboratory

Gregory Diamos, Georgia Institute of Technology

David Bader             Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Taisuke Boku        Tsukuba University, Japan
Surendra Byna           Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Jonathan Cohen        NVIDIA Corporation, USA
Torsten Hoefler        National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA
Hyesoon Kim        Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Sriram Krishnamoorthy   Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Heshan Lin              Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State 
University, USA
Yutong Lu        National University of Defense Technologies, China
Dimitris Nikolopoulos   University of Crete/FORTH, Greece
John Owens              University of California, Davis, USA
P. Sadayappan        Ohio State University, USA
Allan Snavely        University of California, San Diego
Bronis de Supinski      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Jeffrey Vetter         Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Thomas Wenisch          University of Michigan, USA
Yunquan Zhang        Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


If you have any questions, please contact us at
caches-chairs at mcs.anl.gov

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