[Darshan-users] darshan doesn't generate the login

Phil Carns carns at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 3 12:55:04 CDT 2014

Hi Nicola,

I can think of a couple of things to try:

a) maybe confirm that the executable has dynamically linked the mpi 
libraries (run "ldd lmp_fornax" to see a list of dynamic libraries) just 
as a safety check.

b) I don't regularly use mpirun from OpenMPI, but does it automatically 
propagate environment variables to the executable or do you need to 
specify something on the command line to get that behavior?  If your 
executable can run correctly with a single rank then you can take mpirun 
out of the loop temporarily for testing purposes and just try running 
"/scratch/director100/nicola/lammps_pistolare/src/lmp_fornax < 
in.friction" directly.  If the instrumentation works in that case but 
not when using mpirun then that would indicate that something isn't 
being translated into the mpirun environment.


On 04/02/2014 11:49 PM, nicola varini wrote:
> Hi, I am new to darshan. Sorry if my question is trivial but I've tried
> to search a bit through the mailing list archive and I did not find much
> help.
> I am try to understand how to use darshan and I've build the runtime with
> ./configure --with-mem-align=8
> --with-log-path=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8 CC=mpicc
> --with-jobid-env=PBS_JOBID
> --prefix=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8
> and the util with
> ./configure --prefix=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8
> then I'd like to profile LAMMPS IO with darshan. Here I use openmpi
> 1.6.5, so I did
> export
> LD_PRELOAD=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8/lib/libdarshan.so
> then I make lammps
> and I tried to execute a simple example with
> mpirun -np 12
> /scratch/director100/nicola/lammps_pistolare/src/lmp_fornax < in.friction
> However no darshan.gz is generated.
> Any idea why?
> Thanks,
> Nicola
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