[Darshan-users] darshan doesn't generate the login

nicola varini nicola.varini at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 22:49:55 CDT 2014

Hi, I am new to darshan. Sorry if my question is trivial but I've tried 
to search a bit through the mailing list archive and I did not find much 
I am try to understand how to use darshan and I've build the runtime with
./configure --with-mem-align=8 
--with-log-path=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8 CC=mpicc 
and the util with
./configure --prefix=/scratch/director100/nicola/darshan-2.2.8
then I'd like to profile LAMMPS IO with darshan. Here I use openmpi 
1.6.5, so I did

then I make lammps
and I tried to execute a simple example with

mpirun -np 12 
/scratch/director100/nicola/lammps_pistolare/src/lmp_fornax < in.friction

However no darshan.gz is generated.
Any idea why?



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