[AG-USERS] What do you want the AG to be?

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 6 10:19:53 CDT 2003

Nice idea, I like it a lot.


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> This might sound kind of far fetched but here goes. I would 
> like to see an operator-less AG node. This would include 
> voice activated applications such as PowerPoints, Web 
> sharing, etc and voice activated AG node control. 
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> Subject: [AG-USERS] What do you want the AG to be?
> Greetings everybody,
> At today's AG Town Hall, Ivan Judson suggested that we start 
> a discussion on this mailing list to get some input on what 
> sorts of features people would like to see in future releases 
> of the AG Toolkit. We want to encourage people to think big! 
> This isn't just for AG 2.x, but 3.x and beyond. Based on your 
> responses, we'll be compiling a document to feed into the 
> requirements process for future versions.
> Here are a few things to ponder; do these possibilities appeal to you?
>    * Exposing grid services in a virtual venue, so you can 
> launch a globus
>      job from within a venue
>    * Allowing large files to be stored in venues
>    * Advanced services related to scheduling (AG scheduling, grid
> scheduling?)
>    * Recording sessions
>    * Allowing access from non-AG interfaces, such as the web
>    * Mitigating the impact of working across time zones 
> (anybody got ideas on how?)
> Try thinking about it from this angle too: What normal daily 
> things do you do in your work which you'd like to see 
> integrated into the AG? For example, perhaps you use a 
> microscope you'd like to share with your colleagues? 
> Your opinions and ideas are very important; please do chime in!
> Cheers,
> Jennifer

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