[AG-USERS] What do you want the AG to be?

Staffon, Jeffery staffon at anl.gov
Wed Aug 6 10:03:06 CDT 2003

This might sound kind of far fetched but here goes. I would like to see an
operator-less AG node. This would include voice activated applications such
as PowerPoints, Web sharing, etc and voice activated AG node control. 

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Greetings everybody,

At today's AG Town Hall, Ivan Judson suggested that we start a discussion on
this mailing list to get some input on what sorts of features people would
like to see in future releases of the AG Toolkit. We want to encourage
people to think big! This isn't just for AG 2.x, but 3.x and beyond. Based
on your responses, we'll be compiling a document to feed into the
requirements process for future versions.

Here are a few things to ponder; do these possibilities appeal to you?

   * Exposing grid services in a virtual venue, so you can launch a globus
     job from within a venue
   * Allowing large files to be stored in venues
   * Advanced services related to scheduling (AG scheduling, grid
   * Recording sessions
   * Allowing access from non-AG interfaces, such as the web
   * Mitigating the impact of working across time zones (anybody got ideas
on how?)

Try thinking about it from this angle too: What normal daily things do you
do in your work which you'd like to see integrated into the AG? For example,
perhaps you use a microscope you'd like to share with your colleagues? 

Your opinions and ideas are very important; please do chime in!


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