[AG-TECH] Network and Bridge Questions

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Fri Nov 11 15:01:25 CST 2011


The disappearing bridges was fixed about a year ago. What AG version  
are you using and what platform (OS, distribution)?


On 12/11/2011, at 2:11 AM, Nikkos Svoboda wrote:

>    I believe that the best setup is to give each computer a public IP.
> Though the node comprising multiple computers appears as one  
> participant
> in the venue, the data streams coming from each computer are sent
> independently. Similarly, the computer in the node that is given the
> 'video consumer' service will be the computer receiving the data
> streams. The data is not funneled through the controlling computer.
>    There are probably network setups that avoid public IPs for each
> computer, like iptable rules on a router or other NAT solutions, but I
> think these will be difficult to setup and maintain.
>    The disappearing bridge problem has been around for awhile. I don't
> believe there is a solution currently.
> -Nikkos Svoboda
> LSU Department of Mathematics
> On 11/10/2011 9:24 PM, JULIAN CASTRO wrote:
>> Hi
>> We are students at the Distrital University of Colombia.
>> We have a
>> node with four servers, each one for video capture, projection,  
>> audio and
>> control. The four servers are in the same network. We have tested  
>> the node in
>> our venue server with our bridge and another clients and it work  
>> perfect but
>> when we use another bridge the clients work but the node does not,  
>> The clients
>> have video and sound form other clients but
>> it is not coming in or out video or sound to and from the node. The
>> question is: is it necessary that each server (sound, video  
>> projection, video
>> capture and control) have a different  public ip  so the node works  
>> in a external bridge? Or
>> what are we doing wrong?
>> And second,
>> we have a problem with our bridge trying to make it appear in the  
>> list of
>> bridges: clients can see the bridge when clicking in “find  
>> additional bridges”
>> but only in the first 5 minutes after starting the bridge in the  
>> server. After
>> that, no client can see the bridge, but if it is in the cache of  
>> bridges it is
>> possible to connect to the bridge and it works. The problem is  
>> “discovering the
>> bridge”. If we copy the cache file with our bridge on it in the  
>> clients pc´s,  they can connect to the bridge but it is not a
>> good approach.
>> We
>> appreciate the help.
>> 3143127384

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