[AG-TECH] Network and Bridge Questions

Nikkos Svoboda nsvoboda at math.lsu.edu
Fri Nov 11 10:11:37 CST 2011

    I believe that the best setup is to give each computer a public IP. 
Though the node comprising multiple computers appears as one participant 
in the venue, the data streams coming from each computer are sent 
independently. Similarly, the computer in the node that is given the 
'video consumer' service will be the computer receiving the data 
streams. The data is not funneled through the controlling computer.
    There are probably network setups that avoid public IPs for each 
computer, like iptable rules on a router or other NAT solutions, but I 
think these will be difficult to setup and maintain.

    The disappearing bridge problem has been around for awhile. I don't 
believe there is a solution currently.

-Nikkos Svoboda
LSU Department of Mathematics

On 11/10/2011 9:24 PM, JULIAN CASTRO wrote:
> Hi
> We are students at the Distrital University of Colombia.
> We have a
> node with four servers, each one for video capture, projection, audio and
> control. The four servers are in the same network. We have tested the node in
> our venue server with our bridge and another clients and it work perfect but
> when we use another bridge the clients work but the node does not, The clients
> have video and sound form other clients but
> it is not coming in or out video or sound to and from the node. The
> question is: is it necessary that each server (sound, video projection, video
> capture and control) have a different  public ip  so the node works in a external bridge? Or
> what are we doing wrong?
> And second,
> we have a problem with our bridge trying to make it appear in the list of
> bridges: clients can see the bridge when clicking in “find additional bridges”
> but only in the first 5 minutes after starting the bridge in the server. After
> that, no client can see the bridge, but if it is in the cache of bridges it is
> possible to connect to the bridge and it works. The problem is “discovering the
> bridge”. If we copy the cache file with our bridge on it in the clients pc´s,  they can connect to the bridge but it is not a
> good approach.
> We
> appreciate the help.
> 3143127384

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