[AG-TECH] AG VenueClient 3.2 and 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

Jared Evans jared.evans at gallaudet.edu
Wed May 11 10:07:18 CDT 2011


Thanks for checking this out.  You're right regarding the APAG server:
 the vic window of live videos automatically comes up for me without
having to do the multicast/unicast switch.

> I believe you're seeing a known bug #1949. It appears to be related to the python version (2.7) which is the default on both Ubuntu Natty and Fedora 14. It also seems restricted to venues at the ANL venue server; as another test of that theory, try the APAG server at:
>        https://vv3.ap-accessgrid.org:8000/Venues/default
> chris

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