[AG-TECH] Ubuntu 11.04/64 Jabber problem ?

D'ANFRAY Philippe philippe.d-anfray at cea.fr
Wed May 18 11:17:37 CDT 2011


We upgraded our machines to Ubuntu 11.04 (and AG accordingly)  but there seems to be a problem with 
Jabber. (We tried to reinstall everything and suppress the .Accessgrid3 directory "a tous hasard(s)") but we still have this message in the log

05/18/11 17:57:44 140653651658528 JabberClient JabberClient.py:65 DEBUG currentRoom inside sendMessage(): ''
05/18/11 17:57:44 140653651658528 JabberClient JabberClient.py:69 ERROR No venue is selected

and on the screen. This only happen with 11.04, 10.10 still works correctly


Philippe d'Anfray
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