[AG-TECH] AG VenueClient 3.2 and 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

Jared Evans jared.evans at gallaudet.edu
Mon May 9 08:13:40 CDT 2011

Note: I use bridging when joining a venue.

When I join a venue, I'm able to see other participants and the group
text chat.  However, vic doesn't automatically pop up with all the
videos ready to be viewed.

To view the videos, I have to take the following steps:

1) Tools -- Use Multicast
This causes vic to show up but only with my local video viewable.

2) Tools -- Use Unicast
This causes all the other videos to show up in vic and the are viewable.

This may have been overlooked for clients who have to resort to using
bridges to join venues, and the client shouldn't need to make this
multicast/unicast switch in order to see the videos.  Also, the
"Always use unicast bridges instead of multicast" option is checked.

Jared Evans
Special Projects, Gallaudet Technology Services
jared.evans at gallaudet.edu

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