[AG-TECH] Black Magic Intensity Pro, Panasonic AG-HMC150 & AGtk 3.2

Jimmy Miklavcic jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu
Sun Jan 30 15:10:43 CST 2011

Here's the full error log that I get. I did notice that this error log immediately replaces another window so I have no record of the first error that is displayed (that I know of). Any help will be appreciated.

invalid command name ""

invalid command name ""

    while executing

"$cmd [expr round([$qscale get])]"

    invoked from within

"$qscale instate {!disabled} {

                  set cmd [$qscale cget -command]

                  $cmd [expr round([$qscale get])]


    (procedure "init_grabber" line 59)

    invoked from within

"init_grabber $V(grabber)"

    invoked from within

"if ![have grabber] {

            set DA [$videoDevice attributes]

            set DF [attribute_class $DA format]

            set DS [attribute_class $DA size]

            # first, see if d..."

    (procedure "transmit" line 3)

    invoked from within


    ("after" script)


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I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI Card, in a system with Windows XP and a Panasonic AGHMC150 camera. I've install Blackmagic drivers 7.94. When I set the cameras to 720/30p I get black, when I set the camera to 1080/60i I get nothing at all. I have set the service parameters in the node configuration to match the cameras output but no video.

I have this same configuration on two similar systems. On one, I get the application error when vic starts up that states - invalid command """". On the other system I don't see that error.

Does anyone have any insight into what might be going on?


Jimmy Miklavcic
Multimedia Specialist
University of Utah CHPC
155 S 1452 E RM 405
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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