[AG-TECH] I broke something on my video. Need help!

David Callahan david at bunnywood.org
Tue Jan 11 16:13:16 CST 2011

I have a private 4 node AG set up very simply with Ubuntu computers,
Logitec webcams, and some large TVs. I still have a LOT to learn about
this software, so bare with me as I muck through this, please.

I'm not sure what I touched, but video was working, and now I see only
my own video. Other nodes see all nodes but me. My computer is also the
server for the group. We are all connected to the same lobby. We can see
each other as participants. 

I really need to fix whatever I've done before Wednesday 3pm central.
What info do I need to locate to find out what's going on?
I appreciate any help!

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