[AG-TECH] Unidirectional Multicast Issue - Accessgrid

N. Satyanarayana nanduris at cdac.in
Mon Jan 10 09:00:17 CST 2011


We are trying to set up AG nodes across three different centres (located
in 3 different cities) connected with multicast enabled network. We are
not able to get two way communication among the participants from these 3
centres. Our network provider is saying that there cannot be more than one
Multicast Source sending for the same multicast group in the network, this
is possible with SSM (Source Specific Multicast) only which require
Application, Operating System, Network level support of IGMPv3. Network is
able to support SSM.

To my understanding while creating virtual venue in AG we can assign a
single multicast group id for both sending and receiving video streams. We
can use different ports for video and audio for the same venue.

But with this kind of configuration we can support unidirectional
multicast only. If we want receivers also to be able to communicate with
each other i.e., if we want every one to be both sender as well as
receiver, what kind of configuration changes are required at
network/system/application level.

Can you suggest how to proceed further in order to support two way
communication among the participants of same venue session.

Also, kindly specify the availability of IGMPv3 at Application & OS as

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