[AG-TECH] Multiple problems

Oman, Darin omand at isb.be
Fri Sep 24 04:05:27 CDT 2010



I'm still trying to set up a venues server, but am running into various


First, on Win XP, I installed AG 3.1. When I try to request a
certificate, I get "certificate request failed". The machine has been
set up to bypass the proxy server. Is there some other port or something
that needs to be opened up to reach the certificate server?


So... I decided to try 3.2 (again). I completely removed all 3.1 bits I
could find, including python, etc. I installed 3.2 and, when I try to
open Request a Certificate,  Manage Certificates or the Venue Management
tool, nothing happens. 


I tried the same thing (3.2) on my laptop with Win7 while connected to
our guest network (firewall, no proxy). The request tool works, but,
again, I get "certificate request failed".  


I assume log files would show up in AGTK-3/Logs? The directory remains


People are starting to think that this cool Access Grid thing I keep
talking about is a myth. Please help.





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