[AG-TECH] Bundle Release Update

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Mon Sep 6 01:48:09 CDT 2010


Thought I would provide a brief update on the 3.2 release and the developments for the 3.2 bundle release for windows.

We (Nathan Gardiner, Tom Uram, Doug Kosovic and myself) were hoping to have the bundle release available by now - but we have had a few things occur that have delayed the release.  Though I feel the end result will be worth it.

This bundle release will include a "new" H264 node service which will include a newer version of "vic".  This version of vic provides:

*	BlackMagic Card support
*	improved x264 performance which includes multi-threaded support
*	Native Windows GUI
*	IOCom support
*	DV camera support on Windows

Additionally, a new node service (currently being worked on by Doug) will allow you to select a variety of codec's (H.264, mpeg4, etc).  It also allows the selection of the BlackMagic device as a resource.

Additionally, Nathan (package manager) experienced an very large earthquake over the weekend (he is okay), but his University is closed for at least a week and therefore unable to get to the bundle package to develop further.

We hope to have everything sorted out by early next week.

I will endeavour to keep you all posted about the bundle release.

Thanks for your time,

Jason Bell, B.I.T. (Honours)

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CQ University Australia

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