[AG-TECH] Disabled Bridge

Todd Zimmerman todd.zimmerman at ubc.ca
Tue Jul 20 00:07:11 CDT 2010

On 07/19/2010 04:15 PM, Jason Bell wrote:
> Todd
> My first thought is the some sort of firewall (whether at the bridge
> or the user trying to connect to it) is causing an issue...  Having a
> bridge "pingable", doesn't really mean that it will work.
> I have seen the issue, where the bridge say's it is disabled, but
> changing the status to "enabled" makes it work.
> But if you change the status and it still cannot connect, I will be
> looking else where....  Can others connect to it???  Can the bridge
> be connected to on the same network???

Thanks for the ideas/thoughts.

Firewall was my initial thought too... perhaps, I'll revisit/retest to 
completely rule it out.  You are correct - ping really only shows ICMP 
packets are making it through, not necessarily TCP/UDP, I'll double check.

I guess my question is, what makes a bridge "disabled" in the first 
place?  Does the client actually make a TCP connection to the bridge 
service at all or is all communication with the bridge done through 
either the registry?  Suppose I could check the code, but I guess I'm 
not clear why any bridge would be disabled at all unless it was 
completely unreachable.

For completeness, yes everyone else can connect to the bridge fine and 
it appears enabled for them.  I know I've seen similar behavior before 
to other bridges, but now that it has happened to mine, I'd like to 
track it down ;-)

Thanks for the help/ideas - I'll follow up and get back to you all with 
any progress I make.


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