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Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Sat Jan 16 18:55:35 CST 2010

On 17/01/2010, at 10:36 AM, BECAT Help wrote:

> Greetings AG Community,
> Just sending out another request for help in hopes that someone out
> there may be able to lead us in the right direction...
> We have just created our first AccessGrid node at UConn and are having
> trouble getting it to be functional.
> We seem to be having some issues in trying to set up our Venue Server.
> After running the command, VenueServer in the console as directed by
> the installation guide, the command is not recognized even though we
> have installed the application and can run the VenueClient without any
> issue.
> Our Venue Server is also not appearing in the list of venues in the
> sidebar to the left (where other universities are listed). Our
> certificate for University of Connecticut went through and has been
> verified.  What is the correct sequence of steps necessary to be
> listed in this list of public venues (AG Nodes).
> We are running the AccessGrid 3.2 Beta on Ubuntu, and our cameras and
> audio system are working. We just can't connect to our server from
> another venue client.
> We tried to follow the setup here,
> http://www.accessgrid.org/node/1929, but have not had any luck.

Justin & Steve,

This page is somewhat Fedora-centric. Elsewewhere, including Ubuntu  
releases, the command is:
(and is found in /usr/bin/)

BTW, the command line is good to try out the server, see what its  
doing etc. However if you want a long running venue server, I'd  
suggest starting/stopping it from an init script like any other service.


> This is our first AccessGrid node installation, and are not too
> familiar with the software setup. We appreciate any help or
> suggestions that you can give us. Is there some hidden documentation
> out there that we are missing? Thank you very much.
> Sincerely,
> Justin / Steve
> University of Connecticut BECAT Staff

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