[AG-TECH] Venue Server - How to Setup AG Node

BECAT Help becathelp at engr.uconn.edu
Sat Jan 16 18:36:33 CST 2010

Greetings AG Community,

Just sending out another request for help in hopes that someone out
there may be able to lead us in the right direction...

We have just created our first AccessGrid node at UConn and are having
trouble getting it to be functional.

We seem to be having some issues in trying to set up our Venue Server.
After running the command, VenueServer in the console as directed by
the installation guide, the command is not recognized even though we
have installed the application and can run the VenueClient without any

Our Venue Server is also not appearing in the list of venues in the
sidebar to the left (where other universities are listed). Our
certificate for University of Connecticut went through and has been
verified.  What is the correct sequence of steps necessary to be
listed in this list of public venues (AG Nodes).

We are running the AccessGrid 3.2 Beta on Ubuntu, and our cameras and
audio system are working. We just can't connect to our server from
another venue client.

We tried to follow the setup here,
http://www.accessgrid.org/node/1929, but have not had any luck.

This is our first AccessGrid node installation, and are not too
familiar with the software setup. We appreciate any help or
suggestions that you can give us. Is there some hidden documentation
out there that we are missing? Thank you very much.

Justin / Steve
University of Connecticut BECAT Staff

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