[AG-TECH] Problems uploading files

Jesus Cea Oliva jesus.cea at uca.es
Thu Apr 22 11:11:21 CDT 2010

Hi list again, sorry for my constants problems xD.

I'm trying upload files to our VenueServer and my problem is strange. Firstly, I've created a VenueServer locally, for testing.

Well, when I try to upload a file, I can see the message on the VenueClient "Uploading file X" and a progressbar, but, when the progressbar is near to the end, stops and list of files (Data section) don't refresh. So I beleived that the file can't upload.

But, really, the file has uploaded, because I can see the folder Data of my local VenueServer, and the file is copied in this folder. In this case, if I reset VenueServer and VenueClient, then, I can see the files in Data section.

So I think that the file uploads fine but, the list of files don't refresh and the file uploaded don't appears.

I must say that, sometimes, I can upload a file so I don't know whats really the problem (ports closed? firewall? path or name files? file size?) .

Thanks again and apologize for any inconveniences


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