[AG-TECH] New AG PC issues

warren draffen warren.draffen at flinders.edu.au
Thu Oct 8 20:27:31 CDT 2009

Hi all

We are currently building a building a new pc for our access grid room. 
I am having a few problems with the configuration. The pc is a Dell 
Precision T5400 with the following specs:

    * Intel Quad Xeon X5450 processor@ 3.0Ghz
    * 2 x 500 gig hdd's (not in any raid)
    * 2x ATI FireGL v7600 512mb pcie x16 graphics cards
    * 8GB (2x4 Gbsticks) 667 Mghz ECC quad channel DDR fully buffered
      DIMM memory
    * IVCE 268G PCI-E  capture card
    * Windows XP pro 32 bit with service pack 3

 Connected to the computer we have 4x Sony PTZ cameras, 1 24" dell 
monitor and 2 40" Sony Bravia panels for display.

I am encountering the following issues when using the AG software:


1.      When I have multiple displays connected to the computer and open 
the AG software I get a vic menu dialog pop up. This dialog opens about 
4 times for every video stream. It doesn't come up when I have just the 
Dell monitor connected. It is very annoying because you have to sit 
there clicking dismiss constantly. This is a link to a  screenshot of 
the vic menu: http://mtu.flinders.edu.au/documentation/vicmenu.jpg


2.      In vic the stream from port 1 on the capture card is a blue. It 
doesn't matter what source I connect to it. If I use another piece of 
software I can see the stream from that port.


3.      The capture settings in vic do not seem to change settings on 
the capture card. eg. the capture card seems to default to NTSC. If I 
select PAL in the menu it doesn't seem to change to PAL. I downloaded a 
piece of software called Amcap. Using Amcap I can change a lot of 
settings on the capture card and these settings once changed will remain 
when I open AG but as soon as I restart the computer it will loose all 
of the settings. Is there way of setting up the capture card and 
defaulting it so it will always start up with the same settings?

Any suggestions for fixes for these problems would be greatly appreciated.



Warren Draffen

Audio Visual Technician

Digital Media Services

Information Services Division

Flinders University

Telephone: 8201 5161


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