[AG-TECH] AG Toolkit Roadmap

Porfirio Gaona pgg at unam.mx
Thu Oct 8 14:28:28 CDT 2009


I'm searching some general information about AG.  At this moment, I'm  
focused on some roadmap, specifically on AG Toolkit.  I found some  
link on the web, but it is broken.  On June 10th, 2004 (AG Retreat in  
Toronto) was presented this conference:

Ivan Judson (judson at mcs.anl.gov)
Argonne National Laboratory
Access Grid Toolkit Roadmap
The Access Grid Toolkit has been out for only a year, and the
adoption of the software has been remarkable. The past year
has seen a large part of the community migrate to the new
software; over the same period the AG Toolkit has increased in
usability, reliability and functionality.
This talk will present the roadmap for the Access Grid Toolkit
over the next few releases of the software, through quarter 3
of 2005. The presentation is intended to stimulate discussion
in the community, identify where developer opportunities
exist, and show the users what features will be coming.

The link is:


Anybody have this document or any other reference?

Thanks in advance
Porfirio Gaona
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