[AG-TECH] AG Meeting "Automatic Object Detection and Recognition from UAV Platforms" Fri 16th 2pm

Martin Turner Martin.Turner at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Oct 11 12:56:41 CDT 2009

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Toby Breckon, Applied Mathematics and Computing Group, School of 
Engineering, Cranfield University "Automatic Object Detection and 
Recognition from UAV Platforms"

Friday 16th October 2009, 2-3pm Room 1.10, Kilburn Building, The 
University of Manchester

Abstract: UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms are increasingly being 
considered for search and surveillance operations both on land and at 
sea due to factors such as cost, convenience and reduced risks. However, 
the use of UAV sensor platforms in such scenarios has a significant 
overhead of the manual analysis of extensive aerial video imagery. Often 
this imagery consists of vast areas of barren seascape or farm/dessert 
lands with the seldom appearance of objects of interest to the operator. 
The manual screening of such imagery is both resource consuming and 
subject to human error. This issue scales with the number of such 
platforms deployed in any given search or surveillance operation. Here 
we discuss recent work in the automatic detection and recognition of 
vehicles, people and generic salient objects (e.g. crash wreckage) from 
UAV platforms. Work within this area is limited and we discuss the many 
challenges of working with UAV imagery and the additional challenges of 
experimental work with UAV platforms. Several research results from our 
work in this domain are presented including that from the MoD Grand 
Challenge 2008 which formed part of the Stellar Team's winning SATURN 

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