[AG-TECH] Jabber Fixed (was: Re: Jabber Connection Failure?)

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Wed Oct 7 23:54:01 CDT 2009

On 08/10/2009, at 1:58 PM, Lloyd Pearson wrote:

> Hello Eric and others,
> I was not particularly aware of the current problems, but over the  
> last couple of months I have had several instances where jabber  
> shows no incoming or sent text on the local PC from when AG was  
> started. No advisory error message has ever shown.  In most cases  
> typed messages were sent correctly but nothing was received.  
> Restarting AG usually cured, but on some occasions 3 or 4 AG  
> restarts were necessary.  Most times the problem occurred very soon  
> after the PC had been powered, but 2 or 3 times it occurred when AG  
> was started 3-4hrs after an earlier AG session without the PC being  
> rebooted.  I have seen it on another similar PC on a couple of  
> occasions. A few other NZ universities have had the same problem but  
> generally not concurrent with an occurrence here.
> A restart of AG is very disruptive to a conference, and of course  
> the node that most needs to read jabber is the presenting node.
> Is there a way of starting jabber without restarting AG?


What version of the AG toolkit are you using?

Some time ago, code was introduced in the VenueClient for the jabber  
component to reconnect to the server if it was disconnected for some  
reason. We previously had many disconnections like you - the  
VenueClient would continue to run normally but without any chat.  
However since that code was added, I can't remember the last time we  
had a complete disconnection problem like you describe. Of course that  
new code is no use if the jabber server itself is stuck, as happened  
today, but I don't think thats the cause of the more general problem  
you're describing.

Anyway, the question about toolkit version is really about whether you  
have a version recent enough to include the reconnection code.


> Running WinXP SP3.
> Regards,
> Lloyd Pearson
> AVCC Operator
> University of Otago
> Ph +64 3 479 8997
> lloyd.pearson at otago.ac.nz
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> Hi Todd,
> Thanks for sending mail.  One of the server disks was running low on
> space.  Sorry about that.  I've fixed it and restarted the jabber  
> service.
> Let me know if anyone still has any problems with jabber.
> Eric
> Todd Zimmerman wrote:
>> Just wondering if anyone else is having Jabber connection issues  
>> via the
>> VenueClient today.
>> I've attached the relevant log entries, but have had reports from
>> multiple sources that this is an issue.
>> Can't quite recall how the communication for the jabber client all  
>> works
>> between the venueserver/venueclient and the jabber server at ANL -
>> however, I've restarted my venueserver with no apparent change.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Todd

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