[AG-TECH] Problems with VIC On Windows XP

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue May 26 02:00:16 CDT 2009

Hi Charles,

>   Does anyone know where I can get a version of the VIC that will run
> on WindowsXP?  I've tried a few different ones (the one that comes
> 3.1, with 3.0, and a HD-capable version I found with Google) but they
> all crash when I try and play a stream.  Most are segfaults, but
> another common error is "tkfontpkgfree: all fonts should have been
> already" or something like that.	

What do you mean by "play a stream"? Do you mean you are not able to
transmit a stream or receive a stream?

Are you using a WDM (DirectShow) capture device or a VfW capture device?

Could you try vic-20090127.zip found here:
If you are using a WDM capture device, it might solve your issue.

>   Also, what is generally considered to be the best platform for
> an Access Grid node?  We were using Windows so the machine could also
> used for non AccessGrid enabled training work, but I wouldn't be
> adverse to switching it to dual-boot Ubuntu/CentOS/SuSE if they will
> better with the current packages.

Advantages of using Linux for an AG node are the automatic package
updates, newer media tools and AG toolkit can handle multiple capture
devices of same make/model.

I don't know about SuSE, but I think Todd might have some openSUSE AG


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