[AG-TECH] AG in a virtual machine

Jon Johansson jon.johansson at ualberta.ca
Tue May 26 17:10:07 CDT 2009


We have a researcher who would like to have AG installed in
a VMWare virtual machine for distribution.
I've done a quick test with a fresh install of Kubuntu 9.04 (32-bit)
and AG 3.2 beta on VMWare workstation 6.5.

The venue client can connect to our venueserver but complains 
about bridges being disabled in preferences, but I don't see
where to enable the bridges in any of the preference pages.

Xawtv grabs the Logitech camera and shows video just fine, but
vic chokes and dies with either v4l or v4l2 as a source.

Before I get any further into this, are there any reasons why
adding this extra layer of complexity will clearly not work? 
Or, would it be expected to work for some reason(s)?


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