[AG-TECH] NAT'ed network issues.

Jimmy Miklavcic jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu
Fri May 8 11:08:08 CDT 2009

KUMC and Utah have been trying to track down a problem for quite some time now. KUMC has a NAT'ed network. When running AG, RAT works but it is using the private IP address instead of the public IP. Why is RAT seeing the private address instead of the public address? VIC does not receive each of our video streams. This occurs in both the Argonne Venue Server and our own ArtGrid venue server. We have used four different bridges with the same result.

During one trouble shooting session with Mike Miller at NCSA, Mike was able to see traffic passing through his bridge. KUMC is implementing port-forwarding at their firewall and here in Utah we're using public address space. Could there be a router somewhere in between that is not behaving properly? Any help in this matter would be extremely helpful.



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