[AG-TECH] Spam sent to room text chat

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Thu Mar 12 06:43:58 CDT 2009

Dear all,

We received porn and ads to the text chat in our Venue Server Lobby
room. I have checked the jabber server the venue client uses is the following

       "VenueServer.textHost" : 'jabber.mcs.anl.gov',

I wonder if there are some documents that explain how to deploy our own
jabber server. Or at least a way an admin can add some filters to
avoid non allowed IP addresses send messages.

Thanking you in advance.
Kind regards,

Natalia Costas Lago
Técnico de Comunicaciones - Dpto. de Comunicaciones

Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia (CESGA)
Avenida de Vigo, s/n (Campus Sur)
15705 Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN

E-mail: natalia at cesga.es
Tel:    +34  981 56 98 10 (ext. 237)
Fax:    +34  981 59 46 16
Web:    http://www.cesga.es/

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