[AG-TECH] Any Case Studies regarding the effectiveness of Video Conferencing?

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Wed Mar 11 13:59:15 CDT 2009

Hello all,

I find that the Wainhouse Research site has excellent reports of this 
type. It is targeted at the business community and not the research 
community, but they have extensive reports. Some of the more 
comprehensive studies cost money (the platinum membership) but lots are 
free as well.


For an academic treatment of the benefits and issues in scientific 
collaboration in particular, I think the best starting place is the CREW 
web site at the University of Michigan. They have some good papers about 
some of the success stories in "scientific collaboratories" that might 
be relevant to whatever case you are making.




Paul Kuchar wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> You're welcome to take a look at these on our website. I'm sure there are plenty of other case studies out there.
> http://www.ja.net/services/video/agsc/AGSCHome/casestudies.html
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> Hi Folks,
> I am trying to find material (case studies, papers, etc.) that
> describe the communication benefits of using video conferencing (AG or
> other) as opposed to using a vanilla teleconference.  Anyone know of
> any studies that have been able to quantify or describe how video
> conferencing enhances (or not) communication and understanding between
> remote participants.  I'm mostly looking for communication benefits of
> video conferencing as opposed to environmental and cost-savings
> benefits, although those would be interesting to see too.
> Thanks.
> Tim Scheitlin
> National Center for Atmospheric Research
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