[AG-TECH] IDS FALCONquattro with 64bit RHEL5

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Sun Aug 23 20:08:28 CDT 2009

Hi Fred,

I think the issue is that the card isn't getting identified correctly by
the bttv driver, so is probably falling back to a default setting which
isn't applicable to your card. You would most likely also have the same
issue with 32bit linux and that card.

What card does vic say it is? You can also run 'dmesg' to see what card
the bttv thinks it is.

You could add a line in /etc/modprobe.conf to tell the bttv driver what
card it is (i.e. card number values), much like with this quad input

the card number values can be found in the CARDLIST.bttv file here:


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> hello,
> i've been trying to squeeze video out of this capture card into
> vic or vlc or xawtv and getting nothing but blue-screens (vic),
> black screens (vlc).  we're using the native bttv drivers.
> one thing that totally slipped my mind until i was just now reviewing
> the VideoProducerService.log is that we are running
> 64bit RHEL5.  i recall expecting driver problems when i realized that
> these would be 64bit system...
> i've tried both the video4linux and video4linux2 drivers.
> is anyone out there successfully using 64bit linux / drivers with
> the FALCONquattro or similar card?
> thanks very much.
> --fred

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