[AG-TECH] IDS FALCONquattro with 64bit RHEL5

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Sat Aug 22 09:54:44 CDT 2009


i've been trying to squeeze video out of this capture card into
vic or vlc or xawtv and getting nothing but blue-screens (vic),
black screens (vlc).  we're using the native bttv drivers.

one thing that totally slipped my mind until i was just now reviewing
the VideoProducerService.log is that we are running
64bit RHEL5.  i recall expecting driver problems when i realized that
these would be 64bit system...
i've tried both the video4linux and video4linux2 drivers.

is anyone out there successfully using 64bit linux / drivers with
the FALCONquattro or similar card?

thanks very much.


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