[AG-TECH] LAN video conferencing with AG 3.2 beta

Grid Access gridaccess at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 15:15:55 CDT 2009


I'm trying to setup a video conferencing solution on an internal using
Logitech 9000 pro webcams on the intranet. The following image depicts the

I'm a bit cloudy on the terms and here's my understanding,

VideoService (Required on all machines with a camera)
AudioService (Required on all machines with a mic)
VideoConsumerService (Required if receiving video feeds from other clients.
This will be the AG Display server?)
VideoProducerService (Required if feeding video to another server? Not
required for clientS?)

Do I still need a certificate? Do I need the internet or create my own
private personal venue server?

Any suggestions?

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