[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

muhammad akl muhammad.akl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 03:16:54 CDT 2008


I was meaning that I got the video running on the second machine (receiver)
for about 5 minutes and everything was fine,  the quality of the picture was
so beautiful  , but after that the video was lost and when i tried to
launch  the video again , the SimpleHDVideoConsumerService was still waiting
the video , I mean vic was appearing for waiting video while the first
machine (sender) was capturing and still sending the video .

For the Properties widget in the Veneus menu , yes the purpose field in the
two machines has the same Service (SimpleHDV(multicast)).

- The two machines also were sending and receiveing while  they were in
venue, and they were listening also on the same address and the same port ( .

if the receiving machine has entered a venue before the producer machine
> generates a DV stream, then the receiver has no information about the DV
> stream. This is due to the dynamic generation of the media addresses for
> *HDV* services. You may have to re-enter the venue with the receiving
> machine to update its knowledge of all the available streams

Yes , You are right , by doing alot of tests , I got this tip , I mean the
producer must be running firstly before the Consumer .

After All the words mentioned UP , now the video is working fine here and
the sending and receiving machines are working so fine except minor problem
like i should disable and enable the producer Service from time to time (I
believe it's due to my network traffic) .

But The New problem here which happend today (I was doing all these tests
mentioned in the previous mail yesterday) when the second machine starts to
receive video , the whole operating System (ubuntu) hangs ! I thought the
problem was a hardware issue , so I changed the producer machine to be a
Consumer and made the Consumer to be a producer , but got the same result ,
the Consumer machine hanged also after it received the Video , this problem
didn't appear yesterday .

So What do you think about this problem ? hardware issues ?

Also noticed something strange : the producer machine sends the DV streams
at 29 Mbps while the Consumer machine receives the DV streams at more than
100 Mbps !!

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