[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Sat Oct 25 22:40:12 CDT 2008

On 25/10/2008, at 5:14 PM, muhammad akl wrote:

> Christoph,
> yes I'm using the latest package for aghdvic :
>  dpkg -l aghdvic
> ii  aghdvic        0r117-4        UQVislab version of vic video tool
> For the steps you mentioned IT WORKED !! , yes I could capture the  
> video from the camera using SimpleHDVideoService with the changes  
> in the service's configuration widget (changed the Input port to dv  
> instead of hdv ) .
> but unfortunately I got the video in the second machine using  
> SimpleHDVideoConsumerService for the first time only, and then the  
> video was lost


Do you mean that the video just disappeared on the second machine  
while the service was running, or do you mean that it just didn't  
appear during a second running with the SimpleHDVideoConsumerService?

If you mean a second running of the SimpleHDVConsumerService, does  
vic appear at all (even without any video)?

If vic appears but shows no video, what media address appears at the  
bottom of vic? Is it the same address that appears on the first  
machine's vic?

Please check the contents of the Venues->Properties widget of the  
receiving machine. Does it contain a reference to the DV stream? Is  
it the same as the corresponding entry on the first machine?

Ensure there are no other *HDV* services left over from previous  

Some other things to keep in mind:
- both machines need to be in a venue; its possible to add and  
configure a service without being in a venue but you must be in a  
venue with both machines to actually have a flow of media traffic

- if the receiving machine has entered a venue before the producer  
machine generates a DV stream, then the receiver has no information  
about the DV stream. This is due to the dynamic generation of the  
media addresses for *HDV* services. You may have to re-enter the  
venue with the receiving machine to update its knowledge of all the  
available streams

- its possible that with a lot of testing (including starting lots of  
new streams) in a particular venue, then that venue may have built up  
a number of possible media addresses which the receiver could use. At  
any time, only on of these addresses is the correct one. The unused  
addresses should quietly timeout eventually but, in the meantime, it  
may be better to try a different venue


> So what could cause this problem ? network traffic ? although I  
> have upgraded the connection for the two machines as mentioned in   
> my previous mail ? any hints to figure out this problem ?
> Muhammad

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