[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 28 18:22:26 CDT 2008

On 26/10/2008, at 6:16 PM, muhammad akl wrote:
> After All the words mentioned UP , now the video is working fine  
> here and the sending and receiving machines are working so fine  
> except minor problem like i should disable and enable the producer  
> Service from time to time (I believe it's due to my network traffic) .
> But The New problem here which happend today (I was doing all these  
> tests mentioned in the previous mail yesterday) when the second  
> machine starts to receive video , the whole operating System  
> (ubuntu) hangs ! I thought the problem was a hardware issue , so I  
> changed the producer machine to be a Consumer and made the Consumer  
> to be a producer , but got the same result , the Consumer machine  
> hanged also after it received the Video , this problem didn't  
> appear yesterday .
> So What do you think about this problem ? hardware issues ?
> Also noticed something strange : the producer machine sends the DV  
> streams at 29 Mbps while the Consumer machine receives the DV  
> streams at more than 100 Mbps !!


I haven't been able to replicate this problem. The sending rate is  
about right but the receiving rate should be the same, not more than  
3 times greater. How are you measuring the date rate - from vic  
itself or some other tool?

Can you try running a stream point to point separate from AG? i.e.  
shutdown VenueClient on both machines, then cd to ~/.AccessGrid3/ 
local_services/SimpleHDVideoService and on the sending machine run:
	./runDVslow address/port
where address/port means the IP address of the receiving machine and  
port is some highish number e.g. 45678

On the receiving machine, cd to same directory (or  
SimpleHDVConsumerService) and run:
	./vic address/port
where address is the IP address of the sending machine and port is  
the same number you chose when running the sending stream.

How are your send & receive data rates?

If the data rates seem sane, then the next step is to try the same  
test but replacing the IP addresses of the test machines with some  
arbitrary multicast address e.g. on the sending machine:
and on the receiving machine:

How are the data rates on both machines now?


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