[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Thu Oct 23 20:23:42 CDT 2008

On 24/10/2008, at 1:07 AM, muhammad akl wrote:

> Christoph,
> Well, Firstly thanks alot for those massive informations , really  
> appreciate your help.
> For now , I'm using two computers their specifications as following :
> The first One : Sun ultra-20 m2
> CPU : amd 1.86 GHZ dual core
> Ram : 1 GB
> EThernet Connection : 1 Gbps
> Video card : nvidia 8400 GT 512 MB
> The second one  with the following specifications :
> CPU: Intel core 2 duo 2 GHZ
> RAM : 2 GB
> Video Card : nvidia 8400 GT 512 MB
> Ethernet Connection: 1 Gbps


Those machines should be OK, although bigger tends to be better :)

> The two computers are running ubuntu hardy with aghdvic and  
> accessgrid3.1 . The first computer is prepared to produce DV using  
> the DVideoService (using SimpleHDVideoService, I was not able to  
> get the video from camera)  , and everything is working seamlessly  
> without troubles .

Before proceeding, I think we should figure out why the  
SimpleHDVideoService isn't working. Its likely that if we can resolve  
this issue, then the other issues you have may also be fixed. Could  
you try the following procedure and report the result of each step?

First check you have the most recent version of aghdvic - on Ubuntu  
8.04, it should be version 0r117-4.

Now, on the capture machine:
1. remove all video services
2. add SimpleHDVideoService. Are you able to select the DV camera at  

Assuming step 2 was successful: if you are in a venue, you will see  
vic with no video (because the service defaults to HDV, while you're  
giving it ordinary DV). So now:
3. open the service's configuration widget and change the Input Port  
from HDV to DV
4. disable the service (vic will disappear)
5. enable the service (vic should reappear, this time with your DV  
camera video)

On the second machine (assuming no DV/HDV camera to capture):
1. remove all DV/HDV services
2. go to same venue as the machine with camera
3. add SimpleHDVConsumerService

> I prepared the second one to participate in my node but the problem  
> as mentioned before is that I'm not able to see any video from the  
> first computer , the question now : you mentioned in your previous  
> mail that DV uses different addresses for transmitting DV and HDV :
> The DV/HDV services provided by the aghdvic package use a different  
> multicast address to the standard H261 video which is why the other  
> participants could not see your stream
>  How could i configure these addresses , in which config file i  
> must edit these addresses ?

The addresses are chosen dynamically by the venue server. They're not  

When the first service which generate a stream enters a venue, the  
venue server allocates a multicast address for it. This address is  
picked up by subsequent services of the same general type i.e  
consumers or more producers.

Try the steps above and lets see how far that takes you before  
proceeding with the other DV/HDV services.


> P.s : I was trying to use DVideoConsumerService with the second  
> computer but usually i got a pop-up message contains the following :
> "Add Service failed : DVideoConsumerService "
> Regards
> Muhammad

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