[AG-TECH] VenueClient crashes

muhammad akl muhammad.akl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 10:07:14 CDT 2008


Well, Firstly thanks alot for those massive informations , really appreciate
your help.

For now , I'm using two computers their specifications as following :

The first One : Sun ultra-20 m2

CPU : amd 1.86 GHZ dual core

Ram : 1 GB

EThernet Connection : 1 Gbps

Video card : nvidia 8400 GT 512 MB

The second one  with the following specifications :

CPU: Intel core 2 duo 2 GHZ

RAM : 2 GB

Video Card : nvidia 8400 GT 512 MB

Ethernet Connection: 1 Gbps

The two computers are running ubuntu hardy with aghdvic and accessgrid3.1 .
The first computer is prepared to produce DV using the DVideoService (using
SimpleHDVideoService, I was not able to get the video from camera)  , and
everything is working seamlessly without troubles .

I prepared the second one to participate in my node but the problem as
mentioned before is that I'm not able to see any video from the first
computer , the question now : you mentioned in your previous mail that DV
uses different addresses for transmitting DV and HDV :

The DV/HDV services provided by the aghdvic package use a different
> multicast address to the standard H261 video which is why the other
> participants could not see your stream

 How could i configure these addresses , in which config file i must edit
these addresses ?

P.s : I was trying to use DVideoConsumerService with the second computer but
usually i got a pop-up message contains the following :

"Add Service failed : DVideoConsumerService "


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