[AG-TECH] Recording own audio/video locally with AGVCR

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Mon Mar 17 13:08:37 CDT 2008

	Hi Ben,

	For recording yourself, you just need to get VIC and RAT to transmit, 
so you'll need to go into the options in VIC and select 'Configure on 
Transmit' and then check the 'Transmit' box. After you're transmitting, 
boost your quality and bitrate sliders to something pleasing and you 
should be off and running.
	If you have problems getting AGVCR to receive packets via localhost, as 
has happened some times, then you can always use a multicast address 
(pick something like 239.1.x.x (where .x is greater than 1) and set your 
TTL to 1 so you don't end up broadcasting across the internet. Pick a 
suitable port number too. If you connect VIC and RAT to those addresses 
and you see other people on there then choose another address. Or you 
could hang around and chat to them, maybe they're trying to record 
themselves too...
	One other way is to either book a venue or use a local venue server and 
record yourself that way by joining the venue and letting the AG start 
the tools and run AGVCR from that venue.

	I know I need to get the AGVCR website running properly again with its 
FAQ. I'll try doing that some time :)


Ben Green wrote:
> Is it possible to use AGVCR as a 'DVR'?
> I want to record the output from multiple cameras/mics connected to my laptop (at that time, not connected to a virtual venue), and then at a later date play this back to a virtual venue. I obviously know how to do the playback part.
> Looking at AGVCR, it appears that it can only capture RTP coming from a virtual venue. But what I want to do is essentially the reverse of 'Local Playback' - but I don't know how to record from localhost.
> Cheers, Ben.
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