[AG-TECH] H.264 test.

Matthew Leszczenski mxl9499 at rit.edu
Fri Jun 20 08:42:21 CDT 2008

	RIT has at least 2 H264 streams going constantly, today I should be
adding another 1 or 2 to that to keep on unless there is a problem. This is
in the Argonne server, in the Rochester Institute of Technology main lobby.
Feel free to use this as a test venue if you need it, If I am not in a
meeting I will be listening in as well if you need anything.

Matthew Leszczenski
 - Technical Assistant and Eagle Scout
 - Undergraduate NSSA Major @ RIT
 - Collaboration Technology Developer @ RIT Research Computing department

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I'm currently testing one of my Access Grid computers that might be the one
designed to work as display, to know if the hardware is good enough I need
to do an stress test, for it i would like to use H.264 so i can see if it
can handle more than four H.264 video flows at the same time.
Is there anyone able to do leave any H.264 video producers for a few hours,
if so just tell me the day, hour (preferibly close to UTC/GMT +2) and the
venue server where you're going to be.

Thanks a lot!

Miguel Ángel Sáez Llorente
Técnico de Comunicacións
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