[AG-TECH] Wrong port for AGSCHEDULE......

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 13 14:00:04 CDT 2008


Thanks for catching this.  There should be two links, one for AG2 and one for AG3, yes, we still have some sites using AG2...
Anyways, AGSchedule makes no distinction as to whether the URL is for AG2 or AG3, it's up to the site node ops to assure they have the correct address in the correct field when creating the venue.

That said, since the meeting uses one of the NCSA Venues, I'll look into this today and make sure things are working properly.

If anyone has further questions, please send email to the AGSchedule Administrator agschedule at ncsa.uiuc.edu.



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Hi All,

Since I don't have Mike's email at NCSA I fingured I'll post the  
trouble here......

I just noticed that the "Launch AG 3 Now" links off the meeting pages  
-- the ones that become active 2 hours before the meeting are pointing  
at the wrong NCSA server port. The link points to port 9000 but the  
AG3 server is on port 8000......Mike can you please take a look at  
this and fix it. An Example is meeting :


Sorry about non-relevance I guess :-)

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