[AG-TECH] AG on the iPhone, anyone?

R. P. C. Rodgers rodgers at arborvitae.com
Tue Jun 10 17:30:58 CDT 2008

Good comments.  the Nokia and openmoko platforms might have an edge in 
this respect
(buildi off of the Linux port).
As for "camera on the wrong side", an add-on prism extension could solve 
that, as the
expense of making the unit less physically elegant...

Douglas Kosovic wrote:
> Brad Knowles wrote:
>> R. P. C. Rodgers wrote:
>>>             Had ASKLEPiOS not been shut down (prompting my departure 
>>> from NLM), trying a port as much as possible of AG to the latest 
>>> iPhone would certainly have been on our TODO list.  There must be 
>>> others out there now with this on their minds.  Anyone done a 
>>> feasability analysis yet? I'd love to hear from you if so...
>> Well, one problem you'd have is that the iPhone camera faces the 
>> wrong way, so you wouldn't be able to participate in a bi-directional 
>> video chat, although you could passively listen/watch video from 
>> other sources.
>> Given that there is already a Mac OS X port for AG, it shouldn't be 
>> hard to get it to work on the iPhone, which uses most of the same 
>> source code for the OS.
> I don't think the existing MacOS X AG port will be of much use at the 
> moment on an iPhone port. If I'm not mistaken, the iPhone only 
> supports Cocoa and not the legacy MacOS/MacOS X Carbon API, so 
> wxPython (used by the AGTk GUI) and Tcl/Tk (used by vic & rat) would 
> first need to be ported to Cocoa.
> Doug

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