[AG-TECH] Using a Proxy Server with AG3

Horwich, A (Adam) A.Horwich at rl.ac.uk
Thu Jan 17 04:38:11 CST 2008

Could try making the proxy entry something like:



Or maybe a single backslash.


We don't use authentication on our proxy so I can't test it out





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Subject: RE: [AG-TECH] Using a Proxy Server with AG3


I'm helping this same user get his AG3 client working via a proxy


I've got him to amend the preferences files, and the client can now
connect to the proxy, but a second problem has arisen which may not be
fixable. His comment is below:


For staff to access the internet from a local laptop they have to put in
the domain/username and then there password. And in most programs where
you can put proxy details in there is generally a section for
authentication. As there isn't a section I get a feeling that this just
isn't going to work over our network... Is there a fix, patch or a
suggestion to this issue?


Does anyone have any experience of this type of proxy?


Regards, Ben.



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Subject: RE: [AG-TECH] Using a Proxy Server with AG3


Hi Ben,


Yep it's been doing it since AG3.1 beta 1 and I have no idea why. The
only thing I can do is, if I need to make any preferences changes, to
then edit the preferences file and change the proxy port number
manually. I submitted a bug on the issue but haven't had any response






P.s Sorry about the previous message. Hit the wrong button!!

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Subject: [AG-TECH] Using a Proxy Server with AG3


When a proxy server is configured within Tools / Preferences / Network,
and a port number is specified, after saving the configuration, this
port number is set to zero.


Has anyone else seen this, or does anyone know why this happens?


Regards, Ben.



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