[AG-TECH] Using a Proxy Server with AG3

Richard Dear Richard.Dear at newcastle.edu.au
Thu Jan 17 21:00:23 CST 2008

Hi Ben,
   Further to this item, I played with proxies with the same result.
   As a (related) side issue I found that if I set proxy info then I
still couldn't reach the peers.txt file in the Bridging section of the
   This can cause a bit of trouble. I worked around this by setting up
a local URL to the peers.txt. AG3 is then happy to go off and retrieve
the bridges. This could have been avoided in the software by permitting
me to enter "vv3.mcs.anl.gov:8030" directly into the Bridge registries
   BTW we also have a peers1.txt which points to a more local (for us)
   Hope that makes sense.

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>>> Ben Green <ben.green at manchester.ac.uk> 16-Jan-08 11:11 pm >>>

When a proxy server is configured within Tools / Preferences / Network,
and a port number is specified, after saving the configuration, this
port number is set to zero.
Has anyone else seen this, or does anyone know why this happens?
Regards, Ben.
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