[AG-TECH] Accessgrid 3.1 can't unmute local video displays

Felix Terkhorn masterkh at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 13 11:55:31 CST 2008

Hi Tom,

   Thanks for your suggestions, which did prove helpful (although we 
found a nasty bug in the AG toolkit, described below).

   As you suspected, we were using the VFW driver for our Videum card.  
We uninstalled this driver, rebooted, and installed the new DirectShow 
(WDM) driver for our card.  This allowed us to add video producer inputs 
under a new name.

   We also followed your directions in deleting the folders under 
c:\documents and settings\<our user>\application 
data\accessgrid3\local_services.  We had previously run 2.4, and 
probably there was an old vic.exe lurking within.

    But we still encountered basically the same behavior after doing 
these steps, although we managed to get the client to let us unmute our 
video during 1 of our roughly 15 tries after we followed your directions.

    It turns out that the major culprit responsible for the major 
problem we had encountered -- not being able to use the mouse in about 
50% of the AccessGrid windows -- was the "AccessGrid toolkit" 
application.  We didn't use this during our previous 2.4 installation.  
When we upgraded to 3.1, it was installed on our machine, and it looked 
rather innocuous.  Only when I exited the application was I able to use 
the mouse in a sane fashion... the mute/unmute checkboxes behaved just 
fine once this program was terminated.

    So, thanks again Tom for pointing out the driver upgrades and the 
purge of old user info.  But word to the wise (and the powers that be on 
this list) -- AccessGrid toolkit application doesn't play nice with 

Best regards,
Felix Terkhorn

Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> Felix:
> A couple questions:
> - Did you have an earlier version of the AG installed on this 
> machine?  If so, you may be using an older version of vic.  You should 
> remove everything under c:\documents and settings\<you>\application 
> data\accessgrid3\local_services, and try again.  This will ensure that 
> you are using the most recent vic executable.
> - Are you using the VFW or WDM driver for your Videum card?  The use 
> of the 'external-in' port hints that you're using the vfw driver and 
> that you should update.  (The vfw driver should be becoming harder and 
> harder to find.  If you are using it, it should be clearly identified 
> as vfw, whereas the wdm driver probably has no clear designation.)
> Tom
> On 2/13/08 9:36 AM, Felix Terkhorn wrote:
>> Hello AG wizards,
>>   We've been trying to set up our AccessGrid 3.1 client here at 
>> Indiana University.  We are using Python 2.4, Python 2.4 win32 
>> extensions, wxPython 2.6.
>>   We have three cameras connected which, when tested outside of 
>> AccessGrid, function appropriately.  Our sysadmin has recently 
>> updated the drivers for these video capture card and we get a clear 
>> picture from each one when testing with videum configuration 
>> application.  The video capture card is a Videum 4400VO.
>>    The problem we're seeing:  We can connect to venues and receive 
>> video and audio from other sources, and we can transmit audio.  But 
>> when we try to uncheck the 'mute' checkbox next to our local video 
>> displays, the checkbox does not respond.   We have three cameras 
>> configured as video producers with port as external-in, encoding as 
>> h261, and standard as NTSC.  Only standard gives an alternate option, 
>> PAL, which also has not worked.
>>   We've tried both the newest driver for our video capture card, as 
>> well as rolling back to the driver on the CD that came with the 
>> hardware.
>>    On some level this seems like it might be a Tcl/TK problem.  
>> Besides the 'mute' checkbox being unclickable, we've often observed 
>> that other windows with "TclTK" in their title (autoplace, for 
>> example) have no elements that respond to mouse input.  When this 
>> behavior occurs, even the minimize and maximize buttons on those 
>> windows do not respond.
>>   Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  :)  We are 
>> quickly running out of ideas on how to get this to work.  I'm more 
>> than happy to provide additional information as needed.
>>   Best regards,
>>   Felix Terkhorn
>>   Indiana University LEAD project developer and general handyman

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