[AG-TECH] TigerboardAG 3.2.31Beta Released

Nguyen, Doc Lap dnguy6 at lsuhsc.edu
Tue Feb 12 15:24:27 CST 2008

  Just a quick announcement that there's a new TigerboardAG released,
version 3.2.31Beta.  It works with AGTk 3.0 or higher.

  You can get it at the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network Website


   or in the AG Projects website at:

 This version has a couple of enhancements including:

	New GUI interface
	Scaling of images
	Presentation mode 
	Unicode text characters
	Identity of user is shown
	Reset and save options
	And many bug fixes.

  Although it should work with previous TigerboardAG versions, it is
recommended that all TigerboardAG clients should run the same version.
Therefore upgrading is recommended.  If you encounter any problems,
please submit a bug report.  Enjoy!!

  Thanks. Doc Nguyen

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